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Smile of the week!

New show I happened to discover on Hulu. Enjoy!

Laughing out loud,

Friday, June 4, 2010


Mi madre always drilled in our heads, "You will only have a few true friends, but many acquaintances". As I get older, I've come to learn that she was right. Then Twitter came into my life and flipped the script.

As many of of you know, this has been a rough couple of years for me. My health, job issues, a failed marriage, and too much stress have equaled an ongoing nightmare. I don't like sharing my pain and problems with others. I hate to feel like I'm a burden, but then someone in Twitterland sends me a DM or a tweet, because!

The number of quality people on Twitter amazes me everyday. I have found support, laughter, a little flirting, and an outlet to vent and be myself. The real me! I can be overly talkative, naughty, sad, happy, angry, and weepy and someone will be there for me through all my ups and downs.

I can't tell you how many times I have been so low I've wanted to run away and never come back. On those days I've logged in made some mysterious tweet and *BAM* I feel better within the hour.

Thanks to each and everyone of you that have made me smile, cried with me, been inappropriately bad with me, and most of all put up with my rants. I don't want to make a list and leave someone off. You know who you are, and I'm sending Twitter love to all of you.

Hugs, kisses, abrazos y besos,