Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Time Management

*I need an extra hour Monday through Friday.

*My eye sight is getting worse. I think it's a combination of getting older and and taking Plaquenil for so many years.

*The TV show "Shark Tank" makes me want to create a product. I've done the research, but the price of a patent is outrageous! I admire entrepreneurs.

*My schedule at school is making me want to scream. There are so many students that need help and not a lot of staff. Right now I am in six different classrooms. Teachers are complaining. I am only one person. I cannot perform miracles.

*AncestryDNA is a wonderful website. If I had the time I would spend hours researching my family history. I recently discovered my ethnic background (paternal side) includes African, Irish, British, European Jewish, and East Asian!

*Years ago I took a DNA test sold by The National Geographic Genome Project. This test focused on my maternal side. The results were African, Native American, and Cuban.

*This spring I plan on finally fixing the ceiling in the family room and in the kitchen. Angie's List to the rescue!!

*Between school and Bliss by Monica, I have zero social life. I haven't spent time with my friends since 2013. I do keep up with everyone via social media.

*It's a blessing to be back at work. I finally feel about 60% better. I still need to lose about 50 pounds. Whenever I lose too much weight my body shuts down. I need to figure out
how to lose a lot of weight without getting sick. Hmm.

*I'm happy to be a volunteer for the Republican National Convention this summer. The RNC will be coming to Cleveland in July of this year. This is an exciting time for Northeast Ohio.

*Clearly I need better time management skills!