Friday, November 18, 2016

Wedding Planning

I talk to many brides-to-be who are stressed out about wedding planning. If you feel like it's becoming a chore or it is tearing your relationship apart, this is a signal to step back. Wedding planning is supposed to be romantic and fun.

Take time to just enjoy your future spouse. There is nothing wrong with postponing your wedding date. Eloping is also an option, but be prepared for the consequences from family and friends.

You may want to scale down your wedding celebration. An intimate ceremony with a small reception can be beautiful. No matter what you decide, your relationship is the most important.

I own a wedding consultant company, Bliss by Monica. If you are planning a wedding and need help, please contact me. Bliss by Monica

Take care,

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

November 9, 2016

Today Donald J. Trump became president of United States of America.

My Muslim-American friends and students were crushed. As were the LGBTQ community. Why was hate allowed to win?

Was this the Democratic Party's fault? Bernie Sanders would have won in my opinion. The media has to be called on the carpet too. CNN, Fox News, MSN CHANNELS, and NPR all gave Donald Trump over a year off free advertising. FREE!

If you decided to write in Harambe or Mickey Mouse, you're guilty just like the people who sat this one out. President Obama has to hand over the White House to a man who could not handle his own Twitter page.

I am hurt, confused and completely depressed. I feel like my life is unimportant to our new President. Things will change here in the United States of America. Life as we know it is over.


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Earth Fare Fail

One morning last month at the Earth Fare in Fairlawn I was rudely approached by an employee concerned about me and the beautiful flowers bouquets I was looking at in the store. *I share photos and thoughts about organic flowers on IG and Twitter.

After she walked off I found another employee and asked for the manager. I was surprised that the rude employee was now the "manager". I told her I was embarrassed how she spoke to me earlier. She LIED and said she said good morning how may I help you. No. I told her exactly what transpired and explained my tweets about flowers. 

I cannot believe the employees at this location. Things have been bad for awhile. Today was the last straw. I put my full cart of groceries back and left the store without a purchase. I will not be back. There are too many great options in Fairlawn to settle for such disrespectful employees. I work hard for my money and will spend it where I am treated with excellent customer service.

Three days after this incident the actual store manager called and left a message on my voice mail. The manager was concerned about the incident and wanted to speak with me. I already wrote a letter to the  corporate office. I received another message from the the corporate office along with a gift card for my inconvenience.

Earth Fare handled the situation well. I am still annoyed, but I will occasionally shop there. My heart is someplace else. The rude, unpleasant "manager" ruined my positive feelings about the store.

Still concerned,