Sunday, August 31, 2014

Happy Birthday Dear Coda!

My dog loves muffins, so I baked just for her lol.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

El Dinero

My financial stress is physically destroying me. It all began with my emergency gallbladder surgery. The bills are arriving daily.

Since my forced retirement things have been rough. I have to eat fat free organically or I cannot digest food. Organic food is expensive. I've lost 41 pounds since May. Being poor is a "great" diet :'(.

My mortgage company just sent me a notification yesterday that my escrow is severely lacking. I cannot afford to live here. The property values in my neighborhood have gone down significantly. I am stuck. Working as hard as my body will let me to get my house in good condition to sell.

I have a leased car that I cannot get rid of until next year. Long story. Terrible situation. Love my vehicle, despise the leasing company.

I am NOT asking for help. I would appreciate prayers, positive energy or healing vibes. I need the physical ability to work. If I am not online, I am trying to figure out how to make money and keep a roof over my head.

I'm so sick and stressed right now. My RA is making it almost impossible to walk normally. Living on a fixed income is a nightmare. I have never taken anything for granted, ever. I don't waste money. I have always given to charity, church, and others.  I feel like I am drowning.

I have not been myself lately and now you know why. My faith is strong, but I can only take so much.

Praying for a miracle,

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ferguson, MO

The recent events in Ferguson, MO are frightening.

*All police officers must wear body cameras. This should be a law.

*Mike Brown was a human being first. A black man second. All humans should be treated with respect no matter the color of their skin, religious beliefs, or creed.

*Looting is wrong, but I empathize with the rage and hurt behind it.

*Take a stand. Stop hiding from the news. Your town might be next. What will you do then? Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.


Sunday, August 17, 2014


The internet has struck again.

Robin Williams' daughter Zelda Williams was forced off social media because of trolls and bullies. This happened before she was even able to bury her father.

Now my favorite YouTuber Nathan Fisher has lost his channel "Natesvlogs" because of spiteful people.

Some of you may question why I am so upset about something so 'simple' as a channel on YouTube.

After my cancer surgery in 2011 I was a mess. I was stressed out, in serious pain, and completely alone. I was confined to bed rest during the chemo treatments. During this time I read, watched movies on Netflix, and watched hours of Natesvlogs' videos. He made me laugh until I cried tears of joy. Those precious hours of laughter helped get me through one of the lowest points of my life.

So you see why this is personal to me.

It's also important to take a stand again the trolls and low life cowards behind a keyboard. The bad people are winning and that is not right.

There is a petition on It's a way to tell people it's not okay to bully others, to ruin lives because they 'can'. Imagine it was you who lost your job because of lies told by evil people. Sadly one day it might just be...


The New Normal

-There are completely different rules for people who have brown skin. There will always be until the end of time.

-Everyone must comment on every single event posted on social media. Especially rude and insensitive people.

-Nothing is ever good enough. If someone makes a statement about one of the many horrific news stories happening in the world right now, others flip out because you haven't mentioned the event THEY are the most passionate about...

-The concept of mind "your own business" is gone. Posting a picture of Kermit is still not minding your own business.

-No one in this world is perfect, stop trying to pretend you are. It's incredibly annoying.

-Constantly lecturing people about your own agenda/exercise regime/diet/spiritual path, etc is tiring. We know how you feel. Talking about it every second of every day may be the reason no one can stand to be around you. Being passionate about something is phenomenal. Shoving it down others throats is abusive. Stop it.


Thursday, August 7, 2014


Future wedding cake,

*Image from Brides Magazine (UK edition)

Monday, August 4, 2014


Why does almost every moment of everyday have to be so difficult?

Why does everyone in my life think they can say hurtful things to me and it's just 'okay'?

I am so sick and tired of being disrepected. I know it's my fault for being so nice to everyone my entire life. Giving everyone whatever they wanted. Pretending not to be offended with constant critiques, put downs, and flatout disrespect.

I see why people become hermits and close out the world. Disconnect phone numbers and stop going to all social functions.

I see why people travel on holidays and go on vacations instead of attending Thanksgiving dinners.

I'm extremely close to becoming one of those people.

Freedom of speech is a joke.

Seriously everyone should just shut the fuck up.