Sunday, August 17, 2014

The New Normal

-There are completely different rules for people who have brown skin. There will always be until the end of time.

-Everyone must comment on every single event posted on social media. Especially rude and insensitive people.

-Nothing is ever good enough. If someone makes a statement about one of the many horrific news stories happening in the world right now, others flip out because you haven't mentioned the event THEY are the most passionate about...

-The concept of mind "your own business" is gone. Posting a picture of Kermit is still not minding your own business.

-No one in this world is perfect, stop trying to pretend you are. It's incredibly annoying.

-Constantly lecturing people about your own agenda/exercise regime/diet/spiritual path, etc is tiring. We know how you feel. Talking about it every second of every day may be the reason no one can stand to be around you. Being passionate about something is phenomenal. Shoving it down others throats is abusive. Stop it.


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