Sunday, August 17, 2014


The internet has struck again.

Robin Williams' daughter Zelda Williams was forced off social media because of trolls and bullies. This happened before she was even able to bury her father.

Now my favorite YouTuber Nathan Fisher has lost his channel "Natesvlogs" because of spiteful people.

Some of you may question why I am so upset about something so 'simple' as a channel on YouTube.

After my cancer surgery in 2011 I was a mess. I was stressed out, in serious pain, and completely alone. I was confined to bed rest during the chemo treatments. During this time I read, watched movies on Netflix, and watched hours of Natesvlogs' videos. He made me laugh until I cried tears of joy. Those precious hours of laughter helped get me through one of the lowest points of my life.

So you see why this is personal to me.

It's also important to take a stand again the trolls and low life cowards behind a keyboard. The bad people are winning and that is not right.

There is a petition on It's a way to tell people it's not okay to bully others, to ruin lives because they 'can'. Imagine it was you who lost your job because of lies told by evil people. Sadly one day it might just be...


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