Sunday, March 31, 2013

The List

I tried to give you the world when we were married. You didn't have a job so I co-signed for an SUV and made most of the payments on it. I bought you an entire new wardrobe including shoes so you would look good at your new job.

After that job and the SUV fell apart, I co-signed for a new car and again helped out with your payments. Another job loss happened so I paid most of the car payments again.

Finally you were able to get your old job back again and things were going well. you convinced me to help you buy a 4-wheeler so you could stay home more often. That did not happen. You were gone more.

I was sad at home all the time. Now you needed a truck to haul your 4-wheeler. Another co-sign and more money out of my pocket. You were the winner in our relationship. I bought you anything you wanted. I let you do whatever you wanted.

I only wanted one thing from you and you couldn't even do that. Now you've found someone else. A country girl who is everything I'm not. That's what your personal ad asked for. I'm sure she'll make you happy. You two can sit around and get high and compare criminal stories, good for you. You never did anything for me other than pretend to care about me when I was sick. I was a burden to you. That was clear.

Don't worry about defending me or trying to help me. I can get the $ from Alex someway. I'm used to guys trying to take advantage of my kindness. I had 10 years of practice. I won't be erasing this blog. The truth will set us free.

Monica Lynn (Sorry I couldn't be Natalie Alice)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I'm letting go. No more thinking about what could have been or could be. I'm so tired of being emotionally attached to you. No more tears. No more sad phone calls or text messages. Time to move on for real this time. I'm fine alone.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Evil Eight

I'm sitting here watching Dr. Phil. He's trying to convince this young woman on his show to stay away from the man who almost killed her with a baseball bat, her ex-boyfriend. Dr. Phil explains his theory of "the evil eight", characteristics of people you don't want to be involved with in any sort of relationship.

  1. Arrogant entitlement
  2. Lack empathy
  3. No remorse/guilt
  4. Irresponsible/self-destructive
  5. Thrive on drama
  6. Brag about outsmarting
  7. Short-term relationships
  8. Fantasy world/delusional


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day in the Life of a Teacher

6:00 am up early to prepare for the day

7:15 am arrive at work early to have access to copy room/grade papers in peace/clean room

8:00 am school bell rings

8:05 am parent emails start coming in (No I haven’t graded all the quizzes yet. I have 517 students.)

8:10 am planning period –40 minutes

-grade papers/answer emails/update lesson plans/conference with parents

-meet with administrators/read through IEPs and 504 Plans

8:50 am math class (co-teach with intervention specialist)

-each student in the class has a learning or behavior issue or both

9:50 am try to use restroom. Attempt #1. All full. Race back to classroom.

9:53 am class

10:38 am brunch aka lunch time

-meet with students who are struggling in class

-return parent phone calls

-shove food down throat

-restroom. Attempt #2. Line too long.

11:05 am class

11:50 am restroom. Attempt #3. SUCCESS!!

11:53 am class

12:36 pm class

-inclusion/3  adult aides in room

-every hand is usually up/not possible to meet the needs of all 28 students consistently

-frustrated :(

1:21 pm class

2:06 pm intervention/enrichment duty

3:00 pm bell rings

3:05 pm grade more papers/read through professional development powerpoint from state

-make good news or bad news calls home

-staff meeting

4:00 pm run to grocery store

4:30 pm cook small quick dinner/grade papers/read through personal emails

5:00 pm walk or play with dog/return personal calls/check social media

6:00 pm begin work for Bliss

-check Pinterest inspiration boards

-update website

-call clients

-participate in Twitter party to stay current in the field

7:00 pm watch a little tv and fall asleep

*This is what a day in my life looks like. I hope you all see why I’m grumpy sometimes ;).

I get upset when people say that teachers don't do anything all day. I bet most of you can go to the restroom whenever you want. Right? I bet you also have more than 27 minutes for lunch too.

Teaching is a year round position. Most of us take classes all summer, teach or tutor students, or work full time at another job. We're not lying on a beach reading trashy novels for three months straight.

I became a teacher because of the students. Even though we are disrespected and looked down on, I wouldn't want to be anything else. Nothing makes me smile more than when a student runs up to me and says I can't wait to come to your class later. That little face makes my day.


Friday, March 8, 2013

A Little More about Me...

I have discovered false eyelashes. I love them! It's amazing how a few dollars and big eyelashes can make me feel like a new person. I wish I would have tried them years ago!!

Product 19 cereal. Omgosh. My Dad used to eat this cereal when I was a little girl. One day I googled iron rich cereals and Product 19 came up. It has 100% of your daily iron. I've been eating it everyday for the past 2 weeks and I feel so much better. I knew I was severely anemic, but I didn't realize it was making me so grouchy and utterly exhausted. I will be buying iron rich cereals forever.

My boss still hates me, but I no longer care. I found out she hates almost everyone. What an unhappy miserable person she is. Ugh. I'm there for my students. I just close my door and do what's best for their benefit.

I gave up Facebook for Lent. Best decision ever! I don't miss the phony updates, drama, or annoying people. I do miss looking at most of the baby pictures some of my friends posted, but I'll be just fine. I also wasted so much time mindlessly staring at peoples pages. Maybe I'll go back when Lent is over, maybe I won't. Right now I'm enjoying the break. *By the way, M.E. you are so insecure and pitiful. Begging D to change his default picture back to one of the two of you was hilarious. You're such a sad girl.*

Last night I accidently sent a pic to the wrong number in my address book. I sent an innocent photo to Mike G instead of Mike P. Mike G kept texting me for the next hour about sending him naughty pics, even though I don't and won't do that sort of thing. It made me smile a little to know he was interested. Flattery will always get you points with me.

It feels great to be happy and healthy for a change!

Feeling pretty,