Sunday, March 31, 2013

The List

I tried to give you the world when we were married. You didn't have a job so I co-signed for an SUV and made most of the payments on it. I bought you an entire new wardrobe including shoes so you would look good at your new job.

After that job and the SUV fell apart, I co-signed for a new car and again helped out with your payments. Another job loss happened so I paid most of the car payments again.

Finally you were able to get your old job back again and things were going well. you convinced me to help you buy a 4-wheeler so you could stay home more often. That did not happen. You were gone more.

I was sad at home all the time. Now you needed a truck to haul your 4-wheeler. Another co-sign and more money out of my pocket. You were the winner in our relationship. I bought you anything you wanted. I let you do whatever you wanted.

I only wanted one thing from you and you couldn't even do that. Now you've found someone else. A country girl who is everything I'm not. That's what your personal ad asked for. I'm sure she'll make you happy. You two can sit around and get high and compare criminal stories, good for you. You never did anything for me other than pretend to care about me when I was sick. I was a burden to you. That was clear.

Don't worry about defending me or trying to help me. I can get the $ from Alex someway. I'm used to guys trying to take advantage of my kindness. I had 10 years of practice. I won't be erasing this blog. The truth will set us free.

Monica Lynn (Sorry I couldn't be Natalie Alice)


  1. Sometimes we need an outlet to get this out.

  2. I'm almost ready to stop venting. The situation is just so awful...