Friday, March 8, 2013

A Little More about Me...

I have discovered false eyelashes. I love them! It's amazing how a few dollars and big eyelashes can make me feel like a new person. I wish I would have tried them years ago!!

Product 19 cereal. Omgosh. My Dad used to eat this cereal when I was a little girl. One day I googled iron rich cereals and Product 19 came up. It has 100% of your daily iron. I've been eating it everyday for the past 2 weeks and I feel so much better. I knew I was severely anemic, but I didn't realize it was making me so grouchy and utterly exhausted. I will be buying iron rich cereals forever.

My boss still hates me, but I no longer care. I found out she hates almost everyone. What an unhappy miserable person she is. Ugh. I'm there for my students. I just close my door and do what's best for their benefit.

I gave up Facebook for Lent. Best decision ever! I don't miss the phony updates, drama, or annoying people. I do miss looking at most of the baby pictures some of my friends posted, but I'll be just fine. I also wasted so much time mindlessly staring at peoples pages. Maybe I'll go back when Lent is over, maybe I won't. Right now I'm enjoying the break. *By the way, M.E. you are so insecure and pitiful. Begging D to change his default picture back to one of the two of you was hilarious. You're such a sad girl.*

Last night I accidently sent a pic to the wrong number in my address book. I sent an innocent photo to Mike G instead of Mike P. Mike G kept texting me for the next hour about sending him naughty pics, even though I don't and won't do that sort of thing. It made me smile a little to know he was interested. Flattery will always get you points with me.

It feels great to be happy and healthy for a change!

Feeling pretty,


  1. I gave up Facebook last year, I honestly don't miss it.

  2. I miss it for my non U.S. friends. That's the only reason I'm going back. I deleted about a hundred people from it last night. I never should have "befriended" them in the first place.