Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day in the Life of a Teacher

6:00 am up early to prepare for the day

7:15 am arrive at work early to have access to copy room/grade papers in peace/clean room

8:00 am school bell rings

8:05 am parent emails start coming in (No I haven’t graded all the quizzes yet. I have 517 students.)

8:10 am planning period –40 minutes

-grade papers/answer emails/update lesson plans/conference with parents

-meet with administrators/read through IEPs and 504 Plans

8:50 am math class (co-teach with intervention specialist)

-each student in the class has a learning or behavior issue or both

9:50 am try to use restroom. Attempt #1. All full. Race back to classroom.

9:53 am class

10:38 am brunch aka lunch time

-meet with students who are struggling in class

-return parent phone calls

-shove food down throat

-restroom. Attempt #2. Line too long.

11:05 am class

11:50 am restroom. Attempt #3. SUCCESS!!

11:53 am class

12:36 pm class

-inclusion/3  adult aides in room

-every hand is usually up/not possible to meet the needs of all 28 students consistently

-frustrated :(

1:21 pm class

2:06 pm intervention/enrichment duty

3:00 pm bell rings

3:05 pm grade more papers/read through professional development powerpoint from state

-make good news or bad news calls home

-staff meeting

4:00 pm run to grocery store

4:30 pm cook small quick dinner/grade papers/read through personal emails

5:00 pm walk or play with dog/return personal calls/check social media

6:00 pm begin work for Bliss

-check Pinterest inspiration boards

-update website

-call clients

-participate in Twitter party to stay current in the field

7:00 pm watch a little tv and fall asleep

*This is what a day in my life looks like. I hope you all see why I’m grumpy sometimes ;).

I get upset when people say that teachers don't do anything all day. I bet most of you can go to the restroom whenever you want. Right? I bet you also have more than 27 minutes for lunch too.

Teaching is a year round position. Most of us take classes all summer, teach or tutor students, or work full time at another job. We're not lying on a beach reading trashy novels for three months straight.

I became a teacher because of the students. Even though we are disrespected and looked down on, I wouldn't want to be anything else. Nothing makes me smile more than when a student runs up to me and says I can't wait to come to your class later. That little face makes my day.