Friday, April 22, 2016

Wish U Heaven

The Artist who created the song track of my teen years has passed away. Prince's music made me feel mature. I had his pictures all over my locker. I was only a junior high student when I began listening to him.

The man who won 6 Grammy Awards, an Oscar, and many other awards for his beautifully talented music was pronounced dead at 10:21 am in an elevator at his home. I hope he didn't die alone.

Prince hadn't been feeling well over the last couple of days. I hope he wasn't in pain.

I feel like I lost a friend, even though we never met...

I will be spending the weekend listening to my favorite Prince songs and the groups he influenced (Morris Day, Jesse Johnson, Shelia E, Wendy and Lisa, The Family).

RIP Prince. 
You will be missed,

Monday, April 18, 2016


I went to visit mi hija in Chicago over my Spring Break last month. I was happy that I was able to go because I had walking pneumonia a few weeks before my trip.

 I headed to the airport about an hour and a half before my flight. There is construction at the Cleveland Hopkins airport and I didn't want traffic to cause me to miss my flight. I had no idea traffic would be the least of my worries that day.

I printed my boarding pass at the United Airlines kiosk and headed to the security check point. My papers and ID were checked and I went on my way to the x-ray machine to be body scanned. I took off my shoes and put my luggage and purse in the bin. After the scan two female agents told me that I needed to go with them for a full cavity search. What?!?

*Image via Freedoms Phoenix.

I was immediately scared. I knew I had done nothing wrong. Why was I being pulled aside? I froze. I didn't even ask any questions. (I should have asked what was going on).

The younger female TSA agent put on a pair of blue gloves and told me she would be applying pressure to the inside of my vagina and anus to check for contraband. I felt violated. No one has the right to touch me there without a medical degree or a close intimate relationship.

I remained silent the entire time. It was as if I left my body and I was standing there watching this woman search my private parts. After she finished the TSA agent informed me that my hands had to be tested for explosive residue. There was none of course, but I started shaking with nerves while walking for the test results to come up on the screen. The entire experience was awful. There has to be a better procedure for intrusive screening practices.

I will not consent to having a full cavity search again. If you refuse you aren't permitted to board your flight. I understand why these searches need to be conducted, but the system is flawed. The TSA agents need more training. There needs to be more education of the general public. Why was I singled out? Did I have on the wrong outfit? (Black shirt, scarf, black sweater, blue denim jeans and black leather mules).

I still feel violated. I am hesitant to go back to the airport any time soon. I am nervous about being pulled aside for no apparent reason. I hope this never happens to me or
another innocent person ever again.

Changed forever,