Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Mother-In-Law Hates Me

Many of you read the title and said to yourself "Yeah right, MY mother-in-law really hates me". Okay, sit back relax and see if you still feel that way after reading my story.

Mi esposo and I have have been married for five years. We've known each other for much longer. I had his younger brother in class. I met my soon to be MIL at that time. My BIL was a good student. He was smart, funny, and always did his work. He was just very social. No matter who you put him next to, he would talk. If you put him by himself he would talk to himself. Our team called his Mom in to let her know and to see if she had any suggestions to keep him focused. She had none, but was pleased we cared enough to call her in.

I was also the cheerleading coach for the district. My BIL (brother-in-law) played football, so he was at every game and so was I. MIL was there as well. She was always pleasant and said hello and made small chitchat at each game. I thought she was normal and actually nice.

Fast forward a few years. Mi esposo was studying to take his GED. I ran into him going into a store one afternoon. He asked me to help him out and tutor him so he would pass. I've done this type of tutoring before, so I was happy to help out. We met several times over the next couple of months. It was so much fun spending time with him. We got a lot of work done and had fun at the same time.  When he called to tell me he passed, we went out to celebrate.

One thing led to another and we began dating. After dating for a year, he proposed and we were married. Two months before we were married my BIL met and married a stripper from a local club. The wedding was put together in 24 hours. We were all in attendance. Everyone was so happy. Mi esposo and I were not. This was a match made in Hades.

My MIL took my former SIL (yep, they're divorced) out to dinner to celebrate right after their honeymoon to welcome her to the family. SG called me to tell me how much fun they had together.

Mi esposo and I were married that July. The next month we were having dinner at his parents house (his Mom and Step-Dad). She pulled me aside while the guys were looking at a new computer downstairs. She told me that mi esposo would always love Natalie (his first love, former fiance) and she wished things would have worked out between them. I was floored.  I said okay, you're entitled to your own opinion.

Needless to say, she's never taken me out for a get to know you, welcome to the family dinner. There is also a nice big picture of mi esposo and Natalie in the family room, still. They broke up in 1999.

The second year of our marriage she came over to our house and presented mi esposo with a birthday gift. It was a photo album of pictures she had put together especially for him. It started out so sweet, pictures of him as a baby, toddler, elementary school, junior high and high school. Then an entire section of pictures of Natalie and him, pictures of just Natalie and Natalie with my BIL. I said nothing, I just got up and left the room. That hurt. They argued, she left. She said it was MY fault for overreacting. I didn't overreact, I just left the room.

Things have not gotten any better. I always try to be nice, it gets me nowhere. I make sure I buy her a birthday, Mother's Day, and Christmas gift every year. Guess what she bought for me? One gift since we've been married, a gift card to a plus sized store. I'm not plus-sized.

If you're still not a believer, this will convince you. She tried to poison me in 2007. Yes, you read it right, POISON me. I try to never go over her house, one summer day I relented and  we stopped by to pick something up. My MIL was being so sweet. She asked me how things were going and offered me a glass of iced tea. She came out with two glasses, one for me and one for mi esposo. I reached for a glass and she quickly said "No, this one is for you". Okayyyyyy. I took the glass, drank it. At the bottom of the glass was a white powdered substance. I started to feel dizzy. I asked what was that, she said oh nothing, just dust. Dust?

On the way home I felt so sick, we had to pull over. Twice. The next day she called mi esposo and asked how I was doing. Not one time in her entire life has she called our house to ask how I was doing. I don't have any proof, but what do you think happened?

Needless to say, I have very little to do with this woman now. Mi esposo handles anything having to do with her. I refuse to step foot in her house.  Try to take me out once, shame on you. Try it again, shame on me.

Watching my back,


  1. Ay dios mio, mija! I'm so sorry! I have absolutely no words. You are very wise to avoid that woman. She definitely means you harm and the further away you stay, the better. I hope you are no longer buying her all those gifts, either. You can be civil without going out of your way to ingratiate yourself to her. Because unfortunately, it sounds like an effort in futility. Better to focus your energies elsewhere.

  2. Gracias Chelita. No, I am no longer buying her gifts, that's her son's job from now on. We have little to no interaction. That's the way it has to be from now on. Scary!

  3. OMG!!!! That is awful!! My MIL isn't that great either. I have stories to exchange with u one day girl!!

  4. I'd love to hear some of your stories!