Wednesday, January 13, 2010


As a followup to my last blog, mi esposo decided he loved me again. What that really means is that he realized that he would lose everything (truck, insurance, money, house, etc) if he left me. Right now I'm going to play his game. My daughter needs stability at this time in her life. She's a senior in high school and looking forward to going to college in the fall. Nothing is going to happen to shake up this house until she moves out in the fall.

When she leaves all bets are off. I'm working very hard to make this house "sale-worthy". I'm praying this economy gets better, so I will make some sort of profit when/if it sells. I'm moving to Arizona and starting over. Fresh. Healthy. Happy.

Speaking of healthy, I haven't been. I ended up in the ER right after I finished the last blog post. I had the worst headache I have ever had in my entire life. I honestly thought I was having a stroke. Thoughts of fellow blogger Anissa Mayhew came to mind. (#prayersforanissa) *see Twitter search for details*

The ER was a nightmare. I had the worst nurse and doctor I have ever had in my long medical history. My CT scan was negative so the harried doctor wanted to perform a spinal tap on me. Umm, no. He's running around dealing with a bunch of issues all around me. No way would I let him stick a needle in my spine on a good day, especially not that particular day. I left and signed a paper stating that I was "non-compliant". Yep, I'm also walking.

I followed up with my doctor's office the next day. My personal doctor was not available, so I agreed to be seen by the new physician on staff. Big mistake. He told me to rest and take an Aleve. Those of you who have ever had a severe headache or migraine knows that is complete BS. I'm now waiting to be seen by a specialist at the Cleveland Clinic. I do have pain killers and a muscle relaxer, so that will have to do the trick until I get actual professional help.


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