Friday, September 17, 2010


Things that make me mad!

-My classroom is extremely hot. People stop by all day to remind me. The next time someone comes in my room and says "Wow, it's hot in here!!" is going to get punched in the neck.

-Due to my many health conditions I have a limited diet. The workplace is full of food. Especially chocolate. I cannot eat chocolate. I am offered brownies, cookies, and cake all made of chocolate every week. I say no thank you. The reply is always "Why?" I respond, "I can't have chocolate." Person looks at me with a sad face, "Oh you poor thing, I would just die if I couldn't eat chocolate". *sigh*

-All of my friends are obsessed with their cellphones. A former friend never, EVER lets it out of her sight. She even sleeps with it.We all know this about her. Well we all started to notice that whenever one of us would call or text her she wouldn't pick up or reply. Her response would be *giggle* I didn't hear the phone ring or I never got that text. Whatever. We know you miss nothing. You're just ignoring us for your latest novio. When you finally get that diamond ring, we'll be ignoring YOUR calls when you want bridesmaids.

Ahhh, that feels better.



  1. It feels good to get things off your chest, doesn't it? :) Just remember that you don't owe anyone an explanation for anything. If you don't want chocolate, you don't have to explain why not. Your dietary restrictions are your business. If they ask you why you're not having any, tell them because you don't want it. Punto.

    I think often we think we're being rude if we don't answer; when in reality, the ones asking inappropriate questions are the ones being rude. If you have a hard time ignoring their questions, just give them my number and tell them to ask me. haha

  2. I do think I'm being rude if I don't answer. I need to come up with a better answer. If I let them talk to you they'll never bother me again, hmm... Lol.

  3. ¡Te lo prometo! jaja Seriously, if you simply say you don't want it, isn't that answer enough? Aren't you allowed to just not be in the mood? I've found the shortest answer is always best. "No, thanks." If pressed, just say, "I just don't want any. Thank you." Anyone who doesn't let up after that deserves to be ignored. ;-)

  4. This is hysterical!!! I know you're venting, pero, people really suck with the chocolate in your face and your phone-a-holic friend who's ignoring important calls from her friends.

    Great post. Im following your blog, mijita!