Monday, February 21, 2011

Real Talk!

A couple of days ago I discovered a video by Chris Brown "No Bullshit". I had of course heard the song played for over a year. I never took the time to watch the video. I have an issue with Chris. I personally think he's a punk bitch for what he did to Rihanna, but that's another subject for another day.

I couldn't/can't stop watching the video. I was/am mesmerized. Almost everything sexual I like to do was featured, in hazy graphic detail. Damn. DAMN. To the detail. Lately all I can think about is sex. I feel like a teenage boy. Is this normal? Am I the only woman over 30 that does this? Help me out bellas? I'm starting to think I need therapy!



  1. ? The video is pretty explicit. Lots of kissing, shower scene, up against the wall. All things I like ;).

  2. Um, we women don't even hit our sexual prime until our 30s, so of course it's perfectly normal! ;) I'd never heard the song before, and that video...DAYUM! LOL

  3. I feel so much better. The response on Twitter and from you Chela has been that I am completely normal!

    DAYUM is right! Now you know why I keep watching that video ;).

  4. Normal or not, I am 32 and I felt the same way watching that video that I never saw before. TY for the tip! ;)