Thursday, April 14, 2011


Respect, everyone wants it, but how do you earn it and more importantly how do keep it?

As a woman of color I was raised to be nurturing and respectful of others. Kind to my elders and to those in higher positions. I was taught to address adults as Mr. and Mrs. or Señor or Señora . This was my way of life.

My upbringing has been a double-edged sword in the workplace. My kind, nurturing nature has been mistaken for weakness. My respect for my employers has been perceived as 'sucking up' or 'brown-nosing'. Neither perception is true. I simply have class and respect. Respect for myself and for others.

I have respect for the teachers and staff that have gone out of their way to support and help the students in our building. I also have respect for my employers who deal with all the behind the scene details that make our jobs much easier.

How do you get respect and keep it? By giving it to those that have earned it through their words and actions.



  1. I see we've learned the same lessons in life.

    I think that the way in which we carry ourselves is very important in determining how others interact with us; and that we've always got to be cognizant of just how we're being perceived.

  2. Yes we have Reggie. Perception is key. I've learned this the hard way, but the important fact is that we have both LEARNED.

  3. I grew up the same way... those who have earned it do indeed deserve it.

    nice post.