Saturday, July 16, 2011


My morning began at 6:11 am EST with my dog Coda running into my room barking. I thought she had to go potty. Oh no. She wanted to let me know there was an uninvited guest in our home. A mole. Yes, a disgusting little blind rodent some how managed to get in the house.

Coda was flipping out, probably because I started screaming and slamming doors. The mole was trapped in the hall coat closet. Coda was determined to get at it. I opened the closet door and ran and locked myself in the bathroom across the hall. Claro, I continued to scream the entire time.

After a while I didn't hear anything. Coda wasn't scratching or growling. She was in the living room standing near the couch. I slowly walked over to see what she was staring at so intently. It was a DEAD MOLE. She had killed it and brought it over and put it on my living room rug! I was a mess. I ran around the house screaming again.

After about 15 minutes I calmed down and opened the back porch door and asked Coda to take the "toy" outside. She didn't want anything to do with it. I had no idea what to do at this point. I went and got a broom from the garage and crept up near the mole. I screamed and pushed at it to make sure it was dead. It was, so I chucked it near the door like a hockey puck. I finally got it outside and swept it into a large bush.

I never want to start a morning out like this again.

Still screaming on the inside,


  1. LOL poor Monica!

    I HATE rodents and bugs! I would have been screaming my nalgas off just like you! lol

    This is one of the few times it's nice to have a man around. This and car issues lol.

    But I have bad news for you. You might have to see the rodent one last time. If it's anywhere near your house, that thing is going to start smelling, creating maggots, attracting flies, bugs and who knows what else!

    I hope the bush you threw on isn't close to home! If it is, get it outta there!

  2. I read your comment and went outside and checked. Sure enough the little creature was still close to home. I put a huge rock on top of it. I'm going to have my Dad take care of it when he comes over.

    Being single does have its down side!