Friday, December 16, 2011

Comparing berries to apples...

I never thought it would come to this. I have loved my Blackberry phones for years. It's the perfect business phone. It allows me to do so many things. I am addicted to the Microsoft Office features and the ability to view flash enabled websites.

Enter Apple and the iPhone. The 5 people I text and talk to the most have iPhones. Brianna, Adam, Jenn, Robin, and Patti are all #teamiPhone. I'm not even going to mention the fabulous "Words with Friends" app. Okay, I'll mention it, I'm totally jealous. Everyone is playing it EXCEPT for me. Grr. The apps alone make the iPhone worth at least a glance.

Why won't I switch? Deep down I love my Blackberry. It's stood the test of time. I can conduct all my business and personal needs with one device. Now RIM may make me scream some days, but in the end I will remain #teamBlackberry.

**The buzz about the iPad 3 may sway me away from my netbook though**



  1. I've never owned a crackberry and I never really wanted a smart phone. But a couple of years ago I bought a 'Droid and now I'm hooked.

  2. Droids are awesome too. I considered the new Razr one for a bit.

  3. It seems like everyone is making the switch.

    The iPhone seems like a very cool phone, so it's alluring in that sense. But I've always had too many issues with Apple products and THAT makes me want to steer clear...

    RIM has not been so bad to me :). I love BB. The only thing I can complain about their phones is the quality of the camera. Pic colors don't come out like the real life colors; they're too dingy looking.

    I am not familiar with the Droid OS, but many claim it's the dopest in phone technology.

    I think in the end, it depends what you use your phone for. BB is *still* favorite amongst business users, despite iPhone and Droid popularity.

    Also, sorry for the long comment lol.

  4. I love long comments!!! ;)

    I work with Apple products all day, and I bought a PC, so that says a lot. I don't like the iPhone's camera. The pictures look fuzzy to me. Now the news about the iPad 3 looks promising.

    My daughter had a Droid. Now she has an iPhone and would never go back to any type of phone. I guess everyone is different lol.