Friday, March 9, 2012

It's not you, it's me...

Another one bites the dust. Another "relationship" down the tubes. I actually put myself out there again to be hurt. This is the last time. Mi vida will be so much easier now. I don't have to get my hopes up, because my hopes are now dead. I don't have to worry about plans, text messages, or phone calls. I'm going to have peace.

We didn't stand a chance from the beginning. We were connected in too many ways. His grandmother lives right across the street from me. I work with his aunt who hates him. The biggest issue, he's friends with my ex. That should have stopped me in the first place. He had reservations about getting involved with me from the start. The damn "guy code". I hate the guy code. Mi corazon es cerrado, por siempre.

Triste y sola,


  1. Monica the one thing no one should ever do is to give up on love.

  2. Love is too difficult, I'm going for like from now on...