Friday, May 4, 2012

A Good Man

You finally meet Mr. Right. He meets every one of your qualifications on your mental checklist. Degree, good job, tats, big and tall, plus a great sense of humor. Everyone tells you how cute you two look together. Every time you go out, you have so much fun. On paper life is perfect. What everyone doesn't know is that he doesn't want you. He only wants to be your friend.

He's been honest with you from the very beginning. He flat out told you it was never going to happen. Do you believe him? No. You imagine all the fun you two could have in the future. You sit around thinking about him all the time. Every time you see him you make sure you look your best. Hoping that he'll change his mind and fall madly in love with you.

One day you wake up and look at the news feed on your favorite social networking site. He's poured his heart out in a status update. He's finally fallen for someone. He can't sleep thinking about her. He even knows his Mom is going to like her too. Your heart skips a beat for a second. "Is he talking about me?!?", you think to yourself. All day you have butterflies in your stomach. All of your 'hard work' has paid off.

Hesitantly you text him to feel him out. His texts back are totally normal and friendly. You think to yourself, this doesn't sound like someone in love. You stew about it for the entire day. The next day you can't take it anymore and bring it up. He admits he's fallen for someone...and it's not you.

He may be a good man, just not for you.

Reality check,


  1. I hope this wasn't something that happened to you :/

  2. Unfortunately it did :(. What doesn't kill me makes me stronger.

  3. WOW! While I haven't seen the person profess there love about someone on a social site, this has happened to me too. Like you said, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. When it's the one it will happen...And if not, we can get cats together ;).

  4. Two old ladies with cats. I'm allergic, so let's get fake ones! ;)