Thursday, November 7, 2013

More Reflections

*My body is shutting down.

*I'm happy that my professional blog on the Common Core is doing so well. Every Child. Every Day. The Common Core.

*My ex is an evil man. I wish I never met him. I was stupid to have married him.

*Most of  my stress comes from my lack of restful sleep at night.

*I wish I lived in Alaska right this minute.

*I am currently obsessed with the idea of relocating to Alaska.

*My daughter makes me smile.

*Mi sobrinito es un jefecito.

*Right now I have a huge bruise under my left eye and bruises all over my right arm. Rough night last night.

*Craigslist is a goldmine. Especially the personals. It's replaced World Star Hip Hop as my guilty pleasure. «No more CL after the recent murder in Pennsylvania. Scary!»

*I'm over Facebook. I will use it for Bliss by Monica posts from now on.

*Never let anyone blackmail you. Ever.

*I am not emotionally ready for the holidays yet.

*90% of my work clothes are from the INC brand at Macy's.

*Supporting a child at a private college in a big city is extremely expensive.

*I have tried my best to be the best Mom I can. I hope mi hija knows how much I love her.

*When I die, I want to be remembered as someone who was kind, intelligent, funny, a wonderful Mom, and a good Catholic.

*My dog Coda is part of the family. She's my hairy little companion. I'm taking her to Alaska and she will wear her coat and sweaters happily.

That is all,

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