Saturday, January 9, 2016


I am super excited about the Powerball drawing tonight. The jackpot is $900 million dollars, a record breaking amount. It seems like the entire population of the United States is talking about this lottery. Powerball Update

If I win I will pay off all of my bills, donate to my Parish, and a few select charities. I wouldn't quit my job this year as tempting as it sounds lol. I would also share the money with my immediate family and close friends. A vacation and extended spa trip in the springtime sounds perfect :).

I have always dreamed of building a tuition-free private school for at risk students grades 4-9. Winning the Powerball lottery would make my dream a reality. Each member of the staff would be hand picked by me. Just thinking about the possibility makes my heart race with excitement.

It's not too late to go out and purchase a ticket. You can find the information HERE.

Money doesn't buy happiness, but $900 million dollars would definitely put a smile on my face!

**Edit - Tonight's drawing is worth $1.3 billion dollars!!! 1-13-2016.

Fingers crossed,

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  1. Did you succeed? That day I tried luck both in Powerball and UK Thunderball. Unfortunately I lost both the 1.59 bn dollars Powerball pot and 500,000 pounds Thunderball
    main prize. Hope next time I'll be luckier.