Saturday, December 2, 2017

Hugh Heffner

It seems that when Hugh Heffner died, some kind of force field that protected powerful men in the United States was destroyed. Almost every week a new man has been found to be some sort of sexual predator.

Matt Lauer is the latest pervert to be brought to justice. He was fired from the "Today Show". His multi million dollar contract will not be paid. The article from Variety made me sick to my stomach. I feel terrible for the women who were subject to his sick actions.

I hope men have learned from all of these reports. No means no! The majority of women aren't turned on by a naked man at work. It's insulting. If I had a meeting with my boss and he took his penis out and expected me to do something to or with it, I would call the police.

If you are reading this and someone at work is sexually harassing you, document everything. Write down everything that has happened. Include dates, times, and as many details you can remember. Note any scars, rashes, or birthmarks. Go to your Human Resources office and file an official complaint. If nothing is done, call an attorney. Keep all records in a safe place. Keep a hard copy of these records in a location that is not at your home.

Si estás leyendo esto y alguien en el trabajo te está acosando sexualmente, documenta todo. Escriba todo lo que ha sucedido. Incluya fechas, horas y tantos detalles que pueda recordar. Tenga en cuenta las cicatrices, erupciones o marcas de nacimiento. Vaya a su oficina de Recursos Humanos y presente una queja oficial. Si no se hace nada, llame a un abogado. Mantenga todos los registros en un lugar seguro. Guarde una copia impresa de estos registros en una ubicación que no se encuentre en su hogar.

2017 keeps surprising me every day...

Take care,

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