Sunday, February 17, 2019

Living the Dream

1. Ohio weather is terrible. My lungs can't handle the constant up and down temperatures.

2. Medical Marijuana is legal now. There are only a few dispenseries and the quality es no bueno, pero people have an option for pain that is not an opioid. Baby steps...

3. Canada is looking very good right now. I know there are issues everywhere. I am so sick and tired of the 45th President of the United States f*cking everything up and lying daily. Plus it's cold and snowy in Canada. We will see.

4. Don't marry an idiot. If you do, it will have lasting effects on your life  Even if you divorce them. I have a friend who married an idiot. He is having a rough time right now. I honestly worry about his mental health. If you are involved with someone, please don't ignore red flags. Go slowly. Think long and hard before you say "I do".

5. My AmStaff Coda is going to be 13 years old this year. I can't believe I have had a dog this long. She's having trouble getting in and out of my SUV and she can't jump up on mi hija's bed more than once or twice a day. I know she doesn't have much longer may a year or two. Coda is my heart. We'll be together until the end.

6. Currently job hunting. I have four years until I can retire with a pension. Four years is a long time when you are unhappy. This year I have no room or teaching responsibilities. This might sound like a dream. It's not. I went into teaching to TEACH. I am supposed to have an actual schedule next year. If it doesn't happen, it's time to move on.

7. Karma is a bitch. While briefly visiting FB I came across a former "friend". Her life is in shambles. She is an awful human being. I am not rejoicing in someone's pain. She hurt me and many other people for no reason and now she has lost everything. She is paying for her evil ways and all our mutual "friends" have shunned her. That group of people taught me a lot about relationships...

8. My house is full of flowers right now. I am learning a new skill called hand-knitting. Mi hija has a great job, my Coda is smiling at me on the couch and it has just started snowing. Right now all is well.


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