Monday, March 18, 2019

Mercury in Retrograde

-Praying for New Zealand.

-I made a big decision last week. After doing so I have not experienced a day of greater peace.

-Jealousy drives people to do terrible things. I have seen it up close. I never want to be ruled by this type of sin.

-Amazon is both amazing and scary at the same time. This company has changed the shopping habits of part of the world. Mind blowing.

-My Pixel 3 is my favorite smartphone. As a member of #TeamBlackBerry I cannot believe I just typed that sentence. If you are looking for a new smartphone I highly recommend you give the Google Pixel a good look. If you are already using G Suite at school or work it will make your life much easier. This isn't an ad, honest opinion.

-Please pray for my friend Nanci. Silent request. Gracias mil.

Tengas un buen día,

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