Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Back in the Day

I've been thinking a lot about the past lately. Two wonderful memories come to mind and both have to do with my mouth. I'm talking about beverages! Your minds mi gente. Tsk, Tsk.

My two favorite beverages were:

I think I spent all of my first paycheck on New York Seltzers. OMGosh. The strawberry, peach, and raspberry flavors were the best. I remember when we sold these at the movie theater I worked at during the summers. Those were good times. All the free popcorn and seltzers we could drink during a shift plus special  movie screenings just for the staff and management. I have no idea why I was stressed back then. What was wrong with me?!?

Clearly Canadians were my high school drink of choice when I didn't have access to a wine cooler. Mmm, wine coolers... All the girls at our super cool lunch table *eye roll* would pack these for lunch. I have to get my hands on one of these. After googling them, it just so happens that the company will be making them again in SIX days. Christmas is coming a little early. At least I hope so. If our area doesn't get these I am going to be mad. 



  1. I LOVE CLEARLY CANADIAN! So you know I'm not lying, I mentioned it in a post I did a while back about poking on Facebook. For reals.

    I love it and I love you for loving it. There's love all around.

    We seriously need to find out if they still make it. If so, I want to order two cases of the cherry one! Wasn't there also one that was something like wildberry?

    1. I saw your post on poking lol, it gave me the idea to write this post on Clearly Canadian. :)

      I love that you love that I love this stuff. <3

      According to the company's website, CC will be back on the market next week!!! I will be ordering a case. Yes, wildberry was one of the yummy flavors. Mmm.

  2. I used to absolutely love Clearly Canadian!! I haven't seen it in a store though since I left New Orleans in 1998.

    I used to absolutely love it!!!

    1. Me too Reggie! I'm so happy it's coming back. I just hope it tastes just as good as it did in the 90's.

  3. I completely forgot about Clearly Canadian! Hoping they'll be at a shop near you soon :)

  4. Me too!!! Brings back so many good memories :).