Monday, December 16, 2013

Blog Adoration

Attention readers. There are other blogs online that are awesome. I know, you're shocked right? I absolutely adore many blogs but I'm sending special shout-outs to a couple of my favorites.

Lisa Newlin - Seriously?

Please take the time to read her blog post on Spanx. Even if you've never tried on a pair (beotch) you will laugh.

Love, Teach

"Love, Teach" is a blog written by a young teacher. She is FABULOUS! I love her. She is my new spirit animal. The reason why I love her blog so much is that she actually is honest about teaching, her students, the people she works with and most importantly about herself. I am hooked.

The post I linked to explains why you should NOT date a teacher. Hahahahaha!!! *crying*



  1. My blog mojo is going going.........damned near gone, but I feel you.

    1. It's hard to blog sometimes, but I love to talk lol. You have a gift, I hope you don't abandon your blog.