Monday, December 9, 2013

Well, well, well.

-One of the best teachers in our building retired last week. She has been replaced by a "goddess". Yep, you read that right. A "goddess". This long term substitute teacher made up a religion and she is their goddess leader. Parents please be involved in your children's school life as much as you can be every day.

-I have Pneumonia again. This is twice in two months. I refuse to go to the hospital again so I am doing home treatments. I pray this works. I cannot be sick for Christmas.

-Craigslist is no longer my guilty pleasure. The ads are getting super weird and not in a fun way. Plus there was another murder victim found this past weekend. A husband and wife who placed an ad for a threesome just to kill another person, to see what it felt like. Fortunately they were caught. *Update* An Iran War veteran was killed on December 9, 2013 meeting up with two teenaged boys supposedly selling an iPad. I'm staying far away from Craigslist. You should too.

-Grumpy is my new middle name. I think it's a combination of being constantly sick, working around idiots, and stress. Right now the only thing that makes me smile are the replays of "Modern Family" on the USA channel. The first two seasons of this show are comedy gold!!

-Barrow, Alaska is out. In my painstaking research I discovered the city doesn't allow bully breeds as pets. No pets?!?! BSL = BS. What kind of place is this? Ugh.

-My ex sent me a nonsense email with random pictures last night. He must have been high. I'm not even going to post it because it is a garbled mess. Just like him.

-I wish I could hire a nurse to come over to my house and give me postural drainage and percussion (PDP) treatments.  I think my lungs would function a lot better.

-Just because I said it, doesn't mean that I meant it, even if you read it. My Adele-ish motto.

-Let people tell on themselves. Don't hate the player, hate the GAME!!! Lmao.

Muchos abrazos,


  1. "-Barrow, Alaska is out. In my painstaking research I discovered the city doesn't allow pets. No pets?!?! What kind of place is this? Ugh."

    Nobody in Barrow has heard of such a thing. Where did you hear it, and why are you silly enough to think it might be true?

    1. I should have been more specific, the breed of pet is not allowed according to the information I read on more than one message board for teachers. I have an American Staffordshire Terrier. Ignorant people believe that this breed of dog is vicious and ban them from certain cities all over the world. Barrow is listed as one.

  2. The City of Barrow has NO restrictions on any specific breed of dog. None.

    You absolutely must keep your dog restrained here though. Rabies is endemic among local Arctic Foxes, hence loose dogs cannot be tolerated due to the safety issues.

  3. Thank you for the updated information.