Thursday, July 8, 2010

Who Rules the World?

Kat Stacks is out of jail and already back to her ignorant ways. Hate to say I told you so.
She's still not admitting her guilt and blames others for her incarceration. I give her a month  to go back to her old ways. Shame on you Kat Stacks. 


Update!! 04-03-2012
Kat Stacks has changed her ways, well at least in print. Andrea Herrera better known as Kat Stacks, has been in Immigration jail since November 10, 2010. While perusing her new Twitter account tweets (she's changed her Twitter name from "@ihatekatstacks" to "@TheKatStacks") most posts seem upbeat and friendly. This is a huge difference from her Myspace and World Star Hip Hop videos in the past. 

Kat is most well known for putting rappers 'on blast' by giving out their phone numbers and intimate details. According to Kat that was the old her. She wants to spread positivity instead of hate and drama. We'll see what happens when she is released. Many close to her have said she plans on writing her memoirs and she will be naming names.

I'm going to write to her and see if she will open up to me. I'd like to know when she's going to be released from jail and what her plans are for the future. If you'd like to write to Kat yourself, below is her address:

Andrea Herrera
P.O. Box 560
Trout, LA  71371 


**Warning adult language and content.

While perusing the trending topics on Twitter today, I kept coming across a name, Kat Stacks. Since I'm naturally inquisitive it was my goal to find out who this woman was and why she stirs up so much controversy.

Imagine my shock when I googled her and found out she's a gold-digger who is proud of sleeping with and/or giving blowjobs to famous rappers and athletes. When she didn't get her way or was having some kind of mental breakdown she posted sensitive information about some of these men on her Twitter stream.

It gets worse. Now there is a video going around that shows her being intimidated by a group of men. The comments posted were shocking. Many were cheering these men on. These are some of the same screen names that wanted to burn Chris Brown at the stake. Domestic violence is wrong, always.

I'm afraid for our youth, los jovenes. Women like Kat Stacks and Nicki Minaj are popular right now. These are not role models. Just because someone has a dick doesn't mean they rule the world. Young women AND young men get off your knees. Show some self respect.



  1. Thats the problem, they don't have role models and the ones they do are not worth emulating. Our youth, our jovenes, are seduced by the trappings of this world. They are made to believe that they can act like idiots and prosper by the media, the stars we've created and accepted, and our chant to do "ME" instead of family. There is no foundation, without it they will fail, so you and I are going to step up and step out,vamos usar nuestra voz y animarlos. Together we CAN do it girl! One child at a time! Pa'lante vamos, pulling them along!

  2. You are so right. One child at a time. I am really afraid for our youth, our future.

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