Saturday, November 27, 2010


I just returned from a fabulous trip this afternoon visiting mi hija in Chicago. We spent a jam packed four days together over our Thanksgiving Break. I left right after school on Wednesday to be there as early as possible because the day before a holiday is typically the busiest traveling day.

I arrived at the Cleveland Hopkins airport breezed through security (no x-ray scan or groping session) and found a comfy seat and waited for my flight to board. Little did I know I would be in that seat for the next four and a half hours! The United Airway flight from Cleveland to Chicago was delayed to to weather. It was a nightmare. I watched grown people act like small children. One women had a meltdown because she was getting married in the morning, cutting it a bit close chica.

Finally our flight was called and we had to board IMMEDIATELY. That gave me pause. Why the rush? If it was a small break in the weather, what would happen if the storm came storming back? I left it in God's hands and boarded the airplane.

The flight scared about five years off of my life. I've never experienced such turbulence in any flight before. I thought to myself, "at least I"m closer to heaven". When the pilot announced we were landing in Chicago I felt like a new person. Never mind I had to do this all over again in four days...



  1. ADM, what a way to start off on time with your daughter. I imagine you must have cried happy tears when you saw each other

  2. Yes we did. I didn't want to let her go!