Friday, December 31, 2010

Thank you!

2010 is coming to an end tonight. As I look back on the events most of it was pretty awful, but there were two wonderful bright spots, mi hija was accepted at her #1 college choice and mi sobrinito was born. Those are two awesome events. It's a shame I let myself overlook those wonderful moments.

I am hopeful about 2011. Maybe a new relationship is in store for me, or perhaps someone from my past will become an important part of my present? Will a failed marriage turn into a beautiful vow renewal? Who knows what my future will be, but I'm looking forward to the wild ride, mi vida loca, or a peaceful journey. Whatever God has planned.

I'd like to thank each and every one of my readers for your comments and support. You all keep me going, thinking, and laughing. Gracias mil por todo.

Happy New Year/Feliz Año Nuevo/Feliz Ano Novo/ Felice Anno Nuovo!


  1. Thanks, Happy New Year to you too!

  2. Happy new year, bella! Let's make this a year that makes us smile on December 31st! :) Abrazos!

  3. Have a Happy 2011!!!!


  4. Mom,

    You are a beautiful person and I hope that 2011 is just as beautiful as you mom. 2010 was rough for us, but we lived through it. I could go on and on about everything you have done with me that is amazing, but I don't want to take up your entire comments page. I don't even want a reply to this comment. I just want you to read it and keep it close to you. I love you so very much and you are an amazing mother. It's been me and you against the world since day one and that will NEVER change. You do good things, and good things happen to good people. It may not seem like it, but it will TRUST ME. Even though I am only 18 and I do not know much about anything it seems some day, I know it will exist.

    There is a world of people who love you, and for the people who don't, f them. They lost you. Let -them- be sad about it. Anyways, before I make this even more heartfelt and have us both sobbing, I will end this now.

    I love you more then anything and 2011 WILL be the best. I miss you dearly and I cannot wait to see you again

    With all my heart ,