Thursday, January 6, 2011

Siempre Los Colores...

Marisol was considered una reinita of the gang. Everyone thought she was too nice and too pretty to participate in anything serious. That all changed at el parque one day.

It was a perfect sunny afternoon. Daniel was playing cards with his boys at the tables. Marisol was holding her sobrinita y talking to a group of friends. Her amiga bumped her leg and told her that some blanca was walking towards Daniel. Everyone got quiet and watched for Marisol's reaction.

La blanca started talking to Daniel like she knew him, like they were old friends. Marisol gave her sobrinita back to Ana Maria and slowly walked over to the table, just as la blanca reached over to touch Daniel's shoulder. Daniel looked up into Marisol's dark eyes. La blanca turned around to stand face to face with a girl she had never seen before.

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