Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Facebook strikes again. My friend D jumps in my mind one evening and I decide to write him a nice little note on his wall:
          "Hello D. I feel like I haven't talked to you in years. I miss you handsome :)."

Please correct me if I'm wrong. I think that was a sweet and innocent message. All I wanted to accomplish was to say hello. If you object to the 'handsome' at the end, know that I call everyone pretty, gorgeous, bella, beautiful or handsome. I always have. This was his girlfriend M's response:
          "Miss having him in class? Cause otherwise that's a little weird" (no period at the end)

Okayyy, what's with the snarky response? She's quite obviously insecure. D and I have a long history. A history M is not a part of at all. He is a former student, but over the years we have become friends. Good friends. I think of him as my little cousin actually. Clearly I'm a threat to her. I'm going to take this as a compliment. I've still got it!!



  1. Maybe something else was going on with her, maybe she saw something else she didn't understand and came at you sideways. You never know what's going on in her world.

  2. I have an excellent idea of what's going on in her head. She's jealous and has forbidden D from being friends on FB. No big deal, we text and speak on the phone now.