Friday, April 6, 2012


It's sad when a friendship ends. I look at all the sayings about people and relationships and think blah, blah, blah. A cute quote on Pinterest or Twitter doesn't even get close to understanding how much it hurts when your best friend hates you and walks away. I will never know why it happened, what I did to deserve this, or how we got to this point. I do know that this is goodbye forever. Thanks for the memories...

This person who I considered my best friend continued her betrayal in one of the most hurtful ways. When called on it this is the text message I received:
"Listen, I don't know what beef you have with me. I have not done a thing to you. I would really 
appreciated you stop the lies and harassment directed towards me on Facebook. I thought I made it very clear that I no longer want to be friends with you, so please just leave me alone. Thanks."

Dear, you started this. I deleted your number and was finished with you. YOU decided to try and humiliate ME on Facebook. You posted what you did to hurt me. It worked you did hurt me. I even cried. I never did anything to you. Ever. Now you've worked so hard to get my full attention and you can't handle it. Well Lux LaRue keep bothering me and the world will see what you really do and who you really are...


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