Monday, July 9, 2012


An article "The Price of Weed" on Business Insider has created a buzz on google+, so I thought I'd repost and share with all of you. Does this map surprise you? Were you even aware that so much weed was grown and sold in the United States?

Now mind you I don't sit around and think about marijuana all day. If you do that's a personal decision. No judgment here. The fact that surprised me the most is the huge difference in the cost state to state. Factor in weather, climate, cost of living adjustments, and criminal activity there is still a huge gap in price.

I am 100% for the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes. The facts and statistics are staggering. Medicinal marijuana has been a life line for those suffering from chronic pain, cancer, depression, eating disorders, and glaucoma. As long as it is not abused by people who truly do not need it for medical reasons, marijuana can save lives. Imagine the ramifications!

Business Insider



  1. I'm for legalizing it too. I for one am sick and tired of hearing my friends call it their glaucoma medication.

    Clearly I'm hanging out with the wrong people.

  2. Haha. Many rappers refer to it as their glaucoma medicine too. I've always said, it's good to have friends in high and low places.