Monday, July 2, 2012

A little of this and that.

The last couple of weeks have been a little loca. I've gotten involved with a male friend (damn 50 Shades), my favorite Model Latina Maytee has been eliminated from the competition, I had surgery, my ex esposo broke my heart, and mi madre has fleas!

My friend Z and I have been close for a long time now. He's got a great sense of humor, works two jobs, is 100% muscle, and has the most beautiful green eyes. One evening he sent me a text message that said stay with me tonight. I was shocked. I called him and he wanted me to come over and see all the renovations he had done on the house he just purchased. I drove over and I really liked what I saw...

Monday comes around and it's time for Model Latina South Beach. Maytee Martinez is a beautiful model on MLSB. I haven't seen such a sweetheart on a reality tv show since Nancy "@VH1sPocohontas" Olivares from the Real Chance of Love 2. Here's Maytee's exit interview video:

She's so classy and gorgeous. We'll all see her again. I'm sure of it. If you don't have nuvoTV episodes of Model Latina South Beach are on

A week goes by and it's time for surgery again. Yes again. My elbow has been hurting me since high school. I've seen doctors for years and no one could do anything about it until now. The pain of surgery is a cake walk compared to what I have been dealing with since age 18. I can't wait to be 100% healed. I just know I'm going to be way less grumpy.

It's now Thursday and I decided to be nice and send N a Happy Birthday text. Big mistake on my part. N called me got upset with me and admitted that he cheated on me during our last year of marriage. Long time readers will know that is the one thing I knew that (thought I knew) N would never do to me. He harped on cheating almost daily. His precious and perfect ex-fiance Natalie cheated on him and he never recovered from it. Now I find out that he did it to me. Deep down I had a feeling when things were so bad between us something was going on, but I ignored my intuition. We're divorced and I'm still heartbroken.

Rounding out the week mi madre calls me on the phone yesterday afternoon and leaves a message saying I think we have fleas over here. I told her a week ago when she kept complaining of a rash around her ankles that it sounded like fleas. Even though mis padres don't have any animals at their house and mi madre cleans every second of the day, fleas can still find their way into a house. It turns out that there are 5 homeless cats living at my Dad's rental house. He apparently brought them back to their house and they're attacking madre. I told them to bomb the house twice and if that didn't help, to call in the professionals. Needless to say she's freaking out.

New guy, no more Maytee, surgery, broken heart and fleas. Just a couple of regular weeks in my world.



  1. Wow just reading this tired me out. Congrats on the new guy! Sorry to hear about your ex. Just being nosy why did he decide to tell you this now?

  2. Thanks, life has been a little interesting lately. N decided to tell me because he wanted to hurt me :(.

  3. Absolutely. It's why I hide sometimes...