Thursday, January 16, 2014

Anchorage, Alaska

Earth Cam view of downtown Anchorage, Alaska.



  1. I love cold weather. It's about -4 degrees below zero in this picture :).

  2. I hate it. When I moved to Florida I was thinking that there would be warm nights always.........and then I found out that northern Florida's temperatures were really no different than Charleston, South Carolina where I moved from.

    I think I need to live in south Florida.......or maybe South America?!?

  3. It sounds like you should move closer to the equator. You'll be warm (hot) all day every day.

    I'm the exact opposite. If I could I would live on the Arctic Circle :).

  4. Lovely photo but it looks so cold. I wonder if I would feel that way if I did not know it was Alaska but rather a winter scene. Mysterious mind with random thoughts but you understand me, right Monica? lol

  5. I do understand what you're saying Mary Anne lol. I'm hoping when I go visit I'll love it as much in person :).