Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mean People Suck

Today is the first day back at work due to winter break and two snow days due to the Polar Vortex of 2014. I was actually excited to get back to school. I wanted to hear about my student's vacations, see the new technology Santa brought them, and to wear a new dress that I got a great deal on at Macy's.

After my morning hall duty I see two female colleagues walking towards me. Both smile and nod politely as did I. As soon as they were supposedly out of my hearing distance, they began whispering and laughing at my dress.

I like to look professional at work. I go out of my way to dress up. I don't feel it's appropriate to wear polyester pants and frumpy shirts to work everyday. I dress like I work at a business on Wall Street. I think it's important for students to see me as their teacher, a professional woman, and a role model especially since I am the only woman of color in my entire district. Many people that I work with look like they just rolled out of bed and came to work. I'm not judging anyone, but when you go to work, you should look like you're going to work!

I've gotten dirty looks for coming to school early, turning in required paperwork first, dressing up "too much" (a suit is apparently "too much"), starting my classes on time and not standing around in the hallway talking instead of teaching. I've been accused of sucking up to the administration because I say hello and shake our Superintendent's hand when he stops in our building to check in.

I'm sick and tired of these nasty people I work with! I'm tired of constantly being judged for being a good employee. I'm not perfect by any means, but I try really hard to do my very best at work. Today was just another reminder why I want to live far away, alone in the middle of nowhere.



  1. I totally agree M. If I wasn't professional two women would be walking around with black eyes. Ugh. Thanks for always having my back!

  2. This is true.

    Why is it that women seem to talk about each other so much? While I admit that men do seem to obsess about unimportant shiznit, we just aren't concerned over what kind of pants or shirt some other man is wearing. I have never understood this phenomenon.

  3. I don't either Reggie. I'm not perfect, but I do not go around laughing at people's outfits at work :(.

  4. I truly believe in karma :)

    Continue to be you. Professional, kind and warm-hearted not to mention a kick ass teacher <3

  5. I will Mary Anne ;). I refuse to let evil derail me. <3

  6. This makes me sad on so many levels.