Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Daylight Savings Time

I love the time of the year when we turn our clocks back. The sun is so pretty in the morning and it gets dark around the time I'm getting ready for bed. The world is on my time schedule. It feels fantastic!

I'm seeing a new rheumatologist at the beginning of 2015. She's supposed to be the best. There is actually a waiting list to become a new patient. I have to keep a symptom diary to share at my first appointment. Writing down every thing that is wrong with me is more difficult than I imagined. It is helpful because I am starting to see a pattern. I will be making serious changes soon.

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. I found a recipe for fat free pumpkin bread. I plan on making a loaf this week so I can test it out before I serve it to my family. I hope it's delicious. If it's not I have time to come up with a plan B.



  1. Yes! So very excited you are going to a new doctor. The fact that SHE is going to work with you is extra special. Women really know women. I love my doctors but only my GYN, who is female, truly understands the working of my body.

    Good luck with the pumpkin bread. I would prefer the full fat version without the carbs but that's impossible lol

    1. Thank you. I agree with you about female doctors. My last Rheumatologist was a man and I don't think he truly understood the female side of RA. I'm hoping she will truly listen to me and I can finally feel better. It's such a blessing to have excellent medical care. I'm so happy you love your doctors!

      I'm a bit nervous about the pumpkin bread. It's my favorite fall treat and if it's delicious I will be over the moon happy lol.