Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Good News/Bad News

Ah the joys of home ownership...

I have a mold problem in my basement. I'm super allergic to it, so I'm doing everything I can to remove it so I won't end up in the hospital with an asthma attack.

All this started because I haven't been able to turn on the air conditioning unit. Now I have a bad situation brewing. Going to try and take care of this myself. I have gloves, eye protection, and N95 masks.

If I can't get the mold cleaned up properly, this is the end. I can't take any more stress. My shoulders are already loaded up. No más por favor.

Thinking about doing a giveaway for my fabulous readers during the next couple of weeks. It will be wedding related and I'll talk about it more on my Twitter ~ @mlvlatina and my Tumblr ~ Bliss by Monica.


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