Thursday, September 7, 2017

Better Days Ahead

I just celebrated my birthday on Monday. 🎂Wonderful day with my family. I even ate a piece of cake. I know, living la vida loca Lol.

It's hurricane season. Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma have destroyed many homes and lives. Pets are suffering too. If you are an animal lover please text LOVE to 20222. It's an easy way to donate $10.00 to the Humane Society.

2017 has shown the true colors of several people. Just watch and listen. Remember to vote for the people that share your values. Sometimes it's impossible to vote straight party lines. Good people in the Republican, Democratic, Green, and Independent parties.

I begrudgingly tried Kylie Jenner's cosmetic line. Lip products to be specific. Me gusta MUCHO. I have to give it to her, Kylie Cosmetics are fabulous. Long lasting glosses and metals. They smell amazing. Count me in as a fan. Who would have thought? 💋

The school year is off to an interesting start. I have a new "room" in the corner of the library (pictured below). It is not considered a room because I have no door and zero privacy. At least I am not in a mold infested room... The problem is I am not allowed to teach. Yes, not a typo. There are two other classes in the library during my class. It has to remain silent, so I now pass out worksheets and walk up and down the aisle. It's sad. I became a teacher to TEACH. There is nothing I can do about it, so I will do as I am told. I cried for two days. I am still hurting, but life goes on. I feel bad for the students. They are the ones that have the raw deal. Please pray and send positive energy our way.


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