Saturday, September 30, 2017

Puerto Rico

Cleveland, Ohio has a large population of Puerto Rican people. At one time it was second after New York. Many of my friends who I love are Puerto Rican. Here is my story.

I have attended the Annual Puerto Rican Parade and Latino Festival since the 90's. After attending for so long, I decided to join the organization who sponsors the parade. That was around 2002 (dates are fuzzy). I wanted to help because the parade and festival gave me so much joy.

The Julia de Burgos Cultural Arts Center in Cleveland is one of the most well known nonprofit organizations in the city. After being a member of the parade and festival planning committee for a few years, I was honored to be asked to join the Board. After serving on the board for one year, I was elected secretary. I actually cried because I was so touched.

Julia de Burgos is a mostly Puerto Rican organization open to any Latinos who want to participate. *They also provide opportunities for all people, not just Latinos. It's a cultural arts center and a second home to many Latinos on the west side of the city.

I still remember the first time I walked into the center. I was nervous because I didn't know one person. The President, Natividad Pagan (RIP) welcomed me con un abrazo fuerte.

Everyone was amazed that I drove all the way from Summit County to attend the meeting. Over the years I would drive back and forth two times a day! I didn't mind. There was work to be done!! Plus I enjoyed my time at the center. It was truly my home away from home. My friends are like mi familia.

I share all of this information to let you know my connection with Puerto Rico and Puerto Rican people. Right now la isla Puerto Rico is suffering. Hurricane Maria destroyed the island. Most are without power, water, and gasoline. People are go to die without our support.

I gave been tweeting legitimate charities and organizations that are helping. My Twitter is  ➡️@mlvlatina. Please donate. Any amount helps.

Below are some of the organizations I have personally researched and/or donated to over the past weeks:

These are just a few. If you are unable to donate, prayers and positive thoughts are appreciated and needed as well.


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