Monday, October 22, 2012


1.  I don't like sneaky people. I will respect you much more if you just tell me the truth.

2.  Karma is a bitch. I can't wait until she stops by the staff in the 8th grade hallway.

3.  If I could run away for a month with no consequences I would leave within the hour.

4.  I love cheese.

5.  There are four people I would punch in the face right now.

6.  Facebook is one of the most depressing places online. I wish I had the strength to delete my account.

7.  I have a HUGE crush on someone. I feel like a middle school girl when I'm around him.

8.  My ex's best friend sends me inappropriate texts at least once a month.

9.  'Hello Kitty' stuff always makes me smile.

10.  I wish I had naturally wavy hair.

11.  I feel guilty when I miss Sunday Mass.

12.  There are people I've met online that I consider my true friends even though I have never met them.

13.  The day everyone was going insane over the iPhone 5, I bought a new Blackberry Bold.

14.  I've read the "Fifty Shades of Grey" trilogy more than three times.



  1. YAY cheese!!! lol... I am a connoisseur of CHEESE! Nom, nom

    I HATE FB! It is like high school all over again. My account has been deactivated almost the whole year. One day, I will finally delete it too.

    YAY for 'new crush'!!!! :D

    By 'inappropriate texts', I hope you don't mean 'mean' ones... Anything else is okay ;-)

    YAY BLACKBERRY!!! Oh mai gah chica, you are like always getting a new phone! lol... Dime como le haces? ;-)... I'm due for a new phone pretty soon (I can feel it in my BlackBerry Torch that I "went back too". I am NOT an Apple fan and I simply didn't fall in love with my last 2 Android phones, however the Samsung Galaxy has be *swooning* lol... BUT, I will probably end up with the trusty BlackBerry again, this time a Bold :)

  2. Lol, cheese is like my best friend. It makes everything better!

    The texts are naughty. No clue why he's in to me all of a sudden. Never going to happen. I'm done with criminals. Finally! :)

    I'm Team Blackberry for ever! I tested out the new Samsung Galaxy III, but I can't go all touch screen yet. Soy vieja. I may have to hold on to this one. Love the keyboard!

  3. I also admire your will about Facebook M. I hate it, yet I can't stay away from it more than a week.

  4. Have you ever asked your ex's best friend to stop?!?