Sunday, October 28, 2012

An Unfaithful Wife

The moment she saw him again after ten years, she knew what was going to happen...

Liz loved Rey from the day she first met him their sophomore year of high school. He was always wearing tight jeans and smelled like soap and cologne. They were just friends. Never anything else. Little did she know they would be so much more.

Working on the reunion committee was a little dull. Liz made several calls and sent emails trying to track down former classmates that didn't live in the area anymore. One day she decided to see if anyone from her high school was on the popular social networking site Myspace.

A familiar name popped up. Reymundo. Her mouth dropped open. Could this actually be him??? Quickly Liz sent him a private message. He replied almost instantly. It was him. Rey. Her high school crush.

They spent hours catching up on old times. Rey joined the Coast Guard immediately after graduation. He also married his senior prom date Jenna. They had two children and were currently living in the same state. Liz was also married and had a little boy.

Liz was ecstatic when Rey wanted to speak on the phone. His voice was so sexy! The first time they talked neither one of them wanted to get off the phone with each other. Both were in unhappy marriages and needed attention. Rey was more than willing to give Liz the attention she craved.

Rey's wife's family still lived in their old hometown, not too far from where Liz lived with her husband Santiago. Rey was bringing his family to the area and suggested they meet for coffee while he was in town.

She was more excited and nervous than she had ever been. Their talks on the phone were so perfect. How would things be in person? Would they have the same chemistry? Liz changed her outfit about fifty times before she left to meet Rey.

Liz remembers sitting at the table by the window waiting for Rey to arrive. She almost got up and went home. After a few minutes he pulled up in his Jeep. He looked amazing. So handsome and sexy. The way he undressed her with his eyes made her squirm in her seat.

When Liz stood up to greet him, Rey pulled her into a hug. He pressed his body into hers. She didn't want to let go. After about five minutes of chatting Rey asked if she wanted to go for a ride through the park. Liz smiled and agreed.

The day at the park marked the beginning of their three year affair. Three years of hugging, kissing, touching, and making love. They met at hotels, parks, coffee houses, and sometimes never even left her car. It was a wild and exciting time in both of their lives.

Looking back Liz regrets letting Rey into her life again. She felt guilty about sleeping with another man while she was married. Why did she do it? Loneliness. She didn't feel wanted or needed by her husband. Being with Rey made her feel like a teenager again.

I asked Liz if she had it to do all over again would she? No. Never, she replied. a few moments of bliss cost her a lifetime of regret.

The unthinkable,

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