Friday, June 27, 2014


Right now I have four significant men in my life.

*C - Smart, nerdy, muy guapo, and brown. Everything about him is confusing. Plus he lives far, far away.
*T - Sexy, all muscles, really good job, but young. He's unreliable and if he's not at work he's at the gym.
*R - Guapo, wonderful Dad to his two children, so kind, attentive, and sensitive. He's a player. That smile of his attracts hundreds.
*M - Dangerous, multiple prior felonies, tall with perfect lips. He can fix anything. Complicated doesn't even touch this situation.

I wish I could take parts of each one and build the perfect man. Impossible. Right now I'll just enjoy the attention...

Update 7-14-2014
All four men are out of my life. New start. I did enjoy the attention, but I need to start making better decisions.