Thursday, June 12, 2014


*"Orange is the New Black" is a cautionary tale. I enjoyed season one and parts of season two.

*Hot and humid weather makes my RA so much worse.

*My stress level is at 98%.

*Coda is getting older by the minute. I can't even think about her going to doggy Heaven one day.

*Looking at pretty wedding stuff immediately puts me in a better mood.

*The elderly neighbor across the street from me has a friend staying over doing chores and yardwork. This friend makes me very uncomfortable. The way he parks his truck directly in front of my bedroom window and stares at me while sitting in his truck smoking cigarettes is un-nerving.

*Do not do business with any company that has the word 'financial' in their name.

*I'm finally taking down the ugly wallpaper in my kitchen. I have hated it since I bought my house. It's going to take me all summer at the pace I am able to work, but I will get it removed.

Take care,


  1. Make note of the creep's tag number... maybe take a distance shot of your house but angle it to get his plate number.

    When you finish your wall paper pulling down, you are welcome to continue here. Kyle started mine (with encouragement lol) and I've yet to finish.

    Coda <3

    1. We think a lot alike. I pulled out of my driveway super early one morning and got a perfect picture of his plate number.

      This wallpaper remove process is not at all relaxing lol. Now I have to figure out what color to paint it.

      Are you going to have Kyle put new wallpaper up or will you paint?

      Coda is <3.

  2. Kyle was the starter but the remainder is up to me. I'll slowly get moving on it It has to reach that 'really annoying' stage for hubs to notice then it will be a dual effort *I hope lol

    1. Lol. I found a YouTube video on how to remove wallpaper easily. You have to use cheap fabric softener and super hot water.

      I bought the fabric softener, but haven't had the energy to take the rest of the wallpaper off lol. I'm in no hurry :).