Sunday, August 23, 2015

Life After Ashley Madison

You found your husband or boyfriend on Ashley Madison. What happens now...

Please sit down and take a deep breath.

Signing up for AM was free. He might have been curious. If that's it calmly have a talk with him in the next couple of days.

If there are credit card transactions, research how many times his card was used. Divide by two because there are two entries for each transaction. Make sure the credit card information and billing address are correct.

If there are only a few there still might not be a reason to worry. Those are probably communication charges. Maybe a little fantasy talk? Calmly have a talk with him tomorrow.

If there are several transactions with fees over $1000, he has paid for the "guaranteed affair" package. If you have children take them to a relatives home and speak to him at once.

You can survive this. Depending on the situation you may have to have STD/HIV testing. You may want a legal separation or even a divorce. Make sure you have a good lawyer. It will be expensive.

You may decide to forgive him. If you do, do not share details of the ordeal with everyone. This is a private moment. Sometimes others can do more harm than good. Be careful if you decide to share your marital issues with anyone but your spouse or a trusted counselor.

True Story on Fusion

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  1. This situation had to be humiliating. Sometimes it takes humiliation for someone to recognize that they need to make changes.

    1. Hitting rock bottom is an opportunity for everyone involved to get help. I've read many stories about lives being ruined. What's done in the dark...